After School Safety – Tips and Reminders

After School Activities

When parents send their children to after school activities, they take it for granted that their child will be safe. However, since the number of kids
participating in these activities has grown, it is important to look into safety issues.

Children are vulnerable when they are in transit to and from any activities. It is important that they are adequately supervised, travelling in a group or know the safest route to take. Many children ‘hang out’ with their friends just after these activities. Do you homework to ensure the area is safe, otherwise you will need to ensure there is adequate supervision.

Your child needas to know how to handle emergencies. It is important to discuss various scenarios with them. Tell them what they should do in case the
class is suddenly cancelled. Show them the first-aid kit at home and make sure they know who to contact in case of an emergency. Post any important contact information (i.e neighbours and friends) in a place that is easily accessible to the child.