After School Activities – Keeping Children Motivated


Enthusiasm in an after school activity can wear off after the initial excitement is over. This is very normal. You know your child  will most likely be happy and feel accomplished after they have persevered.

But how do you keep your child motivated? This is of particular importance when these activities are educational and not  something they have shown a passion for.

Make the career connection early on:
Let your youngster understand how important their education is. Let them know that the career they would most likely choose will probably be dependent on their education. To develop their interest in studies, plan family activities that are connected in some way. For example, plan a trip to a museum or a zoo to encourage learning in history or biology. Emphasize the real-world connections to education whenever possible.

Set goals:
Demonstrate by example that hard work will be rewarded. Lead by example and show them that achievement is a natural by-product of effort. If children develop this mind-set, they are more likely to stay motivated all through schooling and university.
Reward success:
When a youngster achieves something, it is necessary to praise their efforts. Positive reinforcement enhances confidence and increases self-esteem. Conversely, beware of criticism as it could potentially have the opposite effect.