After School Activities and Burnout

After School Activities

For many children, learning does not end when school finishes for the day. There are still pictures to be drawn, books to be read and games to be played. Keeping kids occupied keeps them safe and out of trouble. However, parents need to steer away from overloading their kids with too many activities.

Do your due diligence:
As opposed to convenience being the deciding factor, determine what actually interests your child the most.

Free time:
Ensure your child has sufficient free time throughout the week. Kids need time to be kids and too many structured activities will cause burnout.

Knowing when to quit:
Often, a parent will enroll their child in an activity and they are disappointed if they do not excel or do not seem to be interested enough. You need to know when to let go. Your child may not become the next prodigy. However, let them discover what they really enjoy. Remember, enjoyment and purpose are all that matter.