A Home-Based After School Program

After School Activities

So, your child’s school does not offer any after school activities. You are worried of depriving your child of all that additional fun and knowledge. So what can you do?

After school classes don’t need to be taught in a structured school-like environment by professional educators. There are many things YOU can do to support your child’s physical, academic and interpersonal growth. Do not be too concerned about formal programs, as many of our kids are already over-scheduled.

Obviously, schooling comes first. Children need to go to school, and complete their homework. Your child might develop certain academic preferences and interests. In that case, you can try and find an activity that will encourage and fuel this interest. Allow your child to use restricted internet searches to discover more about their new interest. Encouraging the child to do their own research to gain in-depth knowledge is something that most formal programs don’t do.

If you are concerned about the lack of social life, enroll your child in a club – a reading club maybe. Visit public libraries or even the theatre, if your child is interested. It is not absolutely necessary for your youngster to make
friends with kids their own age. A parent-child book club is another interesting option. If you can round up a number of like-minded children and their parents, you may well start your own after-school club.

Your child does not necessarily have to be a part of a structured, organised group to benefit from after-school activities. There are numerous options. Including your kids in daily household chores like cooking, cleaning etc can also provide them with a refreshing extracurricular experience. Moreover, it will strengthen family ties too.

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