Boring After School Activities

After School Activities

Children can get bored easily.

If your child seems to have lost interest in an after school activity, do not jump to conclusions and cancel the direct debits yet.

You should first talk to them so you can understand more. Ask your child what they do in the class. Determine the cause of the problem. Subsequently, ask the supervisor the same questions and compare notes.

Your child may feel the program is too structured, their is too much disipline or the activity too difficult.

Use your own instincts. Does the program sound like fun? Would you have wanted to do it yourself,  when you were their age? Are they offering enough encouragement and motivation to keep them interested?

The surpervisor-to-child ratio is also an important factor. Kids need attention. If the number of supervisors is just enough to handle a class (i.e one surpervisor for 15 children), it is possible that your youngster is not receiving enough attention.

Do they have enough friends? Encourage them to organise a play date with some of the children from the activity.

If your best efforts do not pay off, and your child still resists, then it may be time to let go. Never force the child, especially when it comes to extra-curricular activities. It is important to fuel their interests and not push them to continue with an activity they do not enjoy or are not getting any sense of acclomplishment from.